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Welcome to, my website and blog devoted entirely to the Gadsden flag, the defiant "Don't Tread on Me" symbol of American independence and freedom.

I've been a fan of the Gadsden flag for years. I started this site in 2001 for other fans and as a way to help keep the spirit of the symbol alive.

This site has four content areas:

  1. The fascinating history of the Gadsden flag. This is as much as I've been able to gather through extensive personal research:

  2. Recommendations on the best places I know for buying Gadsden flags and related items:

  3. Free Gadsden flag downloads:

  4. Interesting usages of the Gadsden flag and Don't Tread of Me symbolism:

Yours in liberty,

Chris Whitten

Don't Tread on Me Flags

Gadsden flag

My top recommendation for buying Gadsden flags is FlagLine a small business out in Colorado. Josef, the owner, has been serving customers I've sent him since this site started in 2001. He's trustworthy and he has the best prices.

Don't Tread on Me Merchandise

Gadsden flag products Larry and Patrick at the Gadsden and Culpeper American Heritage Shoppe have the best selection of Gadsden products I've ever found: t-shirts ... hats ... license plates ... magnets .... everything.

If you tell them I sent you, they'll thrown in a free "Don't Tread on Me" sticker with any purchase.

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