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Liberty or Death tattoo Patrick Le Blanc got this tattoo on April 16th, the day after attending the Tea Party in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. "I had been wanting to get these because of the current political and economic situation in the US. After seeing the number of people there and at the other protests around the country it prompted me to go out an get it. I've been feeling like my county has been being slowly taken away from me for a while now and I won't let it go without a fight. It was refreshing to see so many other people had the same sentiment and that not all hope was lost."

He had it done by Kevin Cronin at Body Images Tattoo Clinic in Baton Rouge, LA.
Don't tread on me tattoo William Greywolf from Kingman, Arizona, says he'd been looking for the right tattoo design for a while when he spotted the seal on the 1778 Georgia $20 bill. "Well, you know it when you see it, as they say! This was the one!"

William writes, "I do wish that the Gadsden flag had been adopted as our nation's flag as to me it symbolizes a "Live and Let Live" arrangement with all nations of the world that mean us no harm. To me it implies a consistent doctrine of noninterventionism (not one of isolationism), free and fair trade and generous humanitarian aid to other countries when crisis arises. However, in the event of another nation's treading upon us, we would deal a swift and just retribution without equivocation! Nemo Me Impune Lacesset!"
Dont Tread on Me tattoo This tattoo belongs to Joe from Alvaton, Kentucky, who writes, "God Bless America... and save her from tyranny!"
Anthony's DTOM snake Anthony Cipriano said the magic words: "I absolutely love your site dedicated to the Gadsden Flag."

He also writes, "I recently became very interested in the history of America and its Founding Fathers' fight to establish it the way it is. I wanted a tattoo since I turned 18, but I didn't know what to get. When I discovered your page and saw what the Gadsden Flag actually meant and what it stood for I had to have it, my first tattoo at 22. I got it done at Jersey Tattoo Company in Toms River NJ."
Dont Tread rattlesnake tattoo Bill Austin says he first came to this site when he was 15-years-old. Now 20 and in the Air Force, he finally got his rattlesnake tattoo. He sent me this great message, check it out.
David's Don't Tread on Me tattoo David Wayne Boling studies history at the University of Nevada in Reno. He got this tattoo at Aces Tattoo. David says, "I have always been patriotic and have always related to the power of this one symbol in defining the American spirit."
101st Airborne Dont Tread on Me tattoo Sgt. Nathan Hudson of the 101st Airborne Division writes: "This is my first tattoo, and is for all my brothers in arms past, present, and future. It is representative of my commitment, and sacrifice, for everything that I love about America, as well as my drive to fight to the bitter end for those things."
Fawn's snake tattoo Fawn from Massachusetts put this fierce snake on her upper-back. She's a strong libertarian and says, "it's a reminder to myself to stand for what I believe in."
Dont Tread on Me tattoo Steve Swyryt has wanted to get this tattoo since he was 16. It was done in Vernon, New Jersey, by Henry Diaz at Seven Gates Tattoo.

"In a country with a consistently increasing government size and personal freedoms being trodden on every day," Steve wrote, "I think it's important to let other know my views and that I refuse to be part of a state in which I'm not free."
Christopher Bianchi tattoo This hardcore tattoo is on the left ribcage ("close to my heart") of Christopher Bianchi of Mechanicsburg, PA. We've exchanged some e-mail in the past. Gadsden and USMC flags He wrote, "I served in the Marine Corps for six years, including combat in Somalia with the 13th MEU, and somehow never got the requisite 'Marine' tattoo. Well, today I got it, and it looks great! The artist was just as excited as I was about this piece. His name is Steve at Drop of Ink Tattoo ... I will always have my Gadsden flag with me now — even when I am not under it on my deck!"
Bureaucrasher tattoo This one belongs to my friend Pete Eyre.

"The idea for the tattoo, which I got on my calf, is from the book Enemies Foreign & Domestic. As an anarcho-capitalist, I believe every individual has the right to act freely so long as they do not harm the equal rights of another, which is represented by the Gadsden Flag. Also, because each individual has personal sovereignty, or property in his or herself, they have the right to defend his or herself, which is why I incorporated the rifle."

By the way, Pete hosts his own page of liberty-related tats.
Ashes of the Wake DTOM tattoo Pete, from the tattoo above, also sent this image.

He wrote, "This is my buddy Dan Wilk. He got a tattoo on his ribs that incorporated the Gadsden Flag with the image from Lamb of God's 'Ashes of the Wake' album. Dan is big into metal (he plays the guitar himself) and big into liberty (he communicates the ideas to all those in his sphere)."
Dont Tread - 9-11 tattoo Newt Raynolds, a 59-year-old retired reinsurance broker from Alamo, CA, wrote "I got this Gadsden Flag image tattoo three years ago in honor of those who were murdered on 9/11, and as a permanent reminder to myself and everyone else who sees it of our obligation to win the war against Islamic terrorists."
DTOM tattoo Jason from Indianapolis says he never really thought he wanted a tattoo. But the Gadsden flag means so much to him that he wants to be flying it until "his last dying breath." With this he will be.
Rattlesnake tattoo This fearsome beauty is on the arm of US Marine Corps Lt. Derek H., who's in the flight program in Pensacola.

"I come from a Navy family, so I couldn't choose between the Navy snake or the Gadsden, but I love what I have! It took four hours from my good friend in Wilmington, Lucky 7 Tattoos."
Liberty or Death tattoo Rachel from Ireland got this tattoo on the base of her back. Here's what she wrote to me: "I wanted the snake because I love how it symbolises independence from tyranny - I may not be American, I'm from Northern Ireland, but that concept still speaks clearly. The 'liberty or death' was just another way of showing my desire for freedom from tyranny - especially relevant in our nanny state! It's also a bit of a tribute to members of the forces - especially those in my family, past and present."

And she sweetly added: "Your website definitely helped me decide that I wanted the snake tattoo, and helped me learn some things I hadn't known before - keep up the good work." Thanks, Rachel. :-)
Liberty or Death tat This tattoo belongs to Mike from South Jersey. He says he "always wanted a patriotic tattoo, but wanted to stray from the bald eagle or even the American flag. I wanted to do something a little different. So I decided to go revolutionary. I took my idea of simply a rattlesnake and 'Liberty and Death' to a tattooist named Justin at Sick Creation in Thorofare, NJ. I came back a week later and that's what he had for me. I'm very happy with the piece."

And he added: "Your website was one of the ones I searched looking for ideas about a year and half ago." :-) That makes me very proud.
Canadian Gadsden tattoo Adam Charteris first heard about the Gadsden flag from a friend in the Ontario Libertarian Party. "Slowly, Canada is turning into the 'nanny state' ... One example being the provincial government banning smoking from bars, private businesses where, in my opinion, the owner should decide whether or not to allow smoking. Or the tyrannical pitbull ban which assumes that all members of this breed are vicious and unable to become trained, loving members of a family. (It is, however, legal to posess a tiger!) ... While my freedoms may slowly continue to be eroded, they can never take this away from me."
Polish Gadsden tattoo MRT from Poland has this tattoo. The Polish, of course, were tread on a lot in the 20th century. Many of them are now steadfast supporters of freedom.
Lt. Silva's Gadsden tattoo Lt. Silva USMC Second Lieutenant Dwight Silva is proud of his Gadsden tattoo, saying "it symbolizes my love for America's espousal of freedom and our willingness to fight for the preservation of that principle. This tattoo has taken on a dutiful meaning to me since I had the honor of becoming a member of the United States Marine Corps."
Gadsden rattlesnake tattoo NYPD Detective Danny Boggiano got this tattoo on his left arm. He sees it as a personal protest to the outrageous acts of 9/11, and as a way of connecting with his family's military history (which includes his wife, a doctor with the 60th Medical Group on active duty in the USAF).
Snake tattoo PV2 Joey Knapp of the U.S. Army got this tattoo in March 2005 right after basic training and AIT. It's his first tattoo and it wraps around the top of his forearm.

In his message to me he added, "I have seen a tank with 'don't tread on me' on the gun tube but I don't think they let people take pictures. I'll try though. If I can get one I'll be sure to send it your way." If he does, I'll be sure to post it here!
Don't Tread on Me tattoo Kevin McDaniel of Wilmington, Delaware found the "Nemo me impune lacesset" ("No one wounds me with impunity," in Latin) Georgia Continental currency image on this site and had it tattooed on his forearm.
Don't Tread on Me snake tattoo Here's the beautiful tattoo on Sam Gruber's back. A retired Navy admiral at a picnic in Fairmount Park in Philly snapped the picture.
Don't Tread on Me rattlesnake tattoo Ahmed Mobasher got his first tattoo: the timber rattlesnake with the "Don't Tread on Me" motto.
Gadsden snake tattoo Teddy Crider of Apex, North Carolina, decided to get his first tattoo at age 52: a full-color rendition of the Gadsden flag image he found on this site.

In his words: "I've always considered myself a patriotic American. The events of 9/11 made my feelings even stronger. Last year I bought a baseball cap with the Gadsden flag while vacationing in Washington DC. The message really resonated with me. My later research on the web and your site really reinforced those feelings."
Gadsden don't tread on me tatoo This one belongs to Doug from "Live Free or Die" New Hampshire. It's a one-of-a-kind design drawn by a friend of his.
MA don't tread tattoo Matt Alger was originally inspired by the lyrics of Metallica's "Don't Tread On Me" song, but he got the tattoo because of what it stands for, not the because of the band.

"To me, at least in my not-so-humble opinion, I feel that the Gadsden flag is the 'original' American flag and the 'original' rebel flag. ... It captures the American spirit, which — along with the help of God, guns and guts — is what made our nation free."
JTW don't tread tatoo T.J. Wysocki was always interested in the Revolutionary war and the U.S. Marine Corps, and the D.T.O.M. symbol became especially important to him after 9/11. This is his way of saying "don't mess with America."
Judy's rattlesnake tattoo Judy from Huntingtown, Maryland, had this one done by a friend at "Eternal Buzz Tattoos" in Prince Frederick. According to Judy, "My son (in the Navy) thinks he has a wild mom, my daughter just thinks I'm nuts. I like it and wear it proudly."

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