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Gadsden Flag at Tea Party Protests

Don't Tread on Me Flags at Tea Party Protest

There's been wave after wave of increased popularity in the Don't Tread on Me flag. Freedom activists in the new "Tea Party" movement are waving the Gadsden flag at protests across the country. Click here for more about the protest pictured above. You might also be interested in this blogger's thoughtful analysis of the historical context of the 1773 Boston Tea Party.

Dont Tread on Me signs at Tea Party Alicia Selby attended a Tea Party in Sacramento on tax day and generously shared pictures of the Gadsden flags at the protest.

My father Ted attended the Tea Party in Lowell, Massachusetts. He's collected a great set of pictures on that page.

Lynne O'Connor e-mailed me about the tea party in Warner Robins, Georgia. "Another attendee gave me one of his Gadsden flags to carry. I knew some of its history and was proud to wave it and take it home. I especially enjoyed overhearing older men telling other men what they knew of its history as I stood nearby or walked past. Today, I found your site while refreshing my memory of the history of the flag ... I will pass on the link to others when I attend the July 4th Tea Party with the flag, as I promised the man who gave it to me that I would do so." Check out Lynne's large collection of pictures from the Middle Georgia tea party.

Patrick Le Blanc was so inspired by the Tea Party in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, that he got a Gadsden flag tattoo the very next day.

Another reader pointed out this article about the protest in Austin from the Daily Texan.

Have you attended a Tea Party? Send me pictures and/or your report from ground so I can share it here. E-mail me at chris--<at> (replace the --at-- with @).

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